Sunday, 31 January 2010

There were several occasions when the Horizons Unlimited website made life easier for me with information about necessary documentation, border-crossings etc. I got a severe case of the colliwobbles too for a couple of weeks when I arrived in Ecuador after leaving New Zealand. I found support from several people via the website who encouraged me to carry on and some even directed me to people they knew there. Once I'd learned a few words of Spanish and plucked up courage to ride away from the hotel, I was fine! As always, I met people only too keen to help everywhere I went. The website helped me to find local fellow motorcyclists through the 'Community' section and I blessed Horizons Unlimited many times. If you are contemplating a two-wheel trip, scan the website. Someone, somewhere will know the answer to your query. Or if you find something out that will help someone else, you can put the information on the website for others to read. It makes great reading even if you have no trip planned yet. Be careful, though... you might just end up packing in your job and hitting the road!

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