Sunday, 31 January 2010

There were several occasions when the Horizons Unlimited website made life easier for me with information about necessary documentation, border-crossings etc. I got a severe case of the colliwobbles too for a couple of weeks when I arrived in Ecuador after leaving New Zealand. I found support from several people via the website who encouraged me to carry on and some even directed me to people they knew there. Once I'd learned a few words of Spanish and plucked up courage to ride away from the hotel, I was fine! As always, I met people only too keen to help everywhere I went. The website helped me to find local fellow motorcyclists through the 'Community' section and I blessed Horizons Unlimited many times. If you are contemplating a two-wheel trip, scan the website. Someone, somewhere will know the answer to your query. Or if you find something out that will help someone else, you can put the information on the website for others to read. It makes great reading even if you have no trip planned yet. Be careful, though... you might just end up packing in your job and hitting the road!

Saturday, 23 January 2010


On 14th Feb 2010, I am taking the Enfield for a trip to Spain. We are going on the ferry to Santander...
Today I took my Bullet to Henry's for a bit of a service and for him to see if anything needs doing. I've had the same rear tyre on since Panama so it probably needs changing! I took Tharikh with me so he could see what Henry does to make petrol Enfileds into diesels.

Talks and Articles

The life I had with my Enfield was so exciting and pleasurable that I want to share the experience. So I do talks and write articles about it, hoping that it may at least be entertaining but at best be a kick-start for others.

If you want to read about some of the adventures I’ve had with my Enfield, here is a list of publications I have written for:-

HIMALAYA BY BIKE. Laura Stone TRAILBLAZER 2008. As a contributor in this publication, I describe how I came to be travelling round the world on an Enfield Bullet and some of the things that made me know for sure it was the best adventure ever!

  • Motorcycle Marketplace. (New Zealand) Issue 95
  • The Classic Bike Guide. January 2008. Issue 201       

  • The Rider’s Digest. July 2009 Issue140 The Enfield Diaries "Life Begins".
  • The Rider’s Digest. Oct 2009 Issue 142 The Enfield Diaries "Have Crutches, Will Travel".
  • The Rider’s Digest. Jan 09/Dec 10 Issue 144 The Enfield Diaries Part Three.
  • The Rider's Digest Mar 2010 Issue 146 The Enfield Diaries "Festivals, Farewell and FEAR"
  • The Rider's Digest April 2010 Issue 147 Review on heated waistcoat.
  • The Rider's Digest Oct 2010 Issue 153 Enfield trip to Spain, Morocco and France Part 1
  • The Rider's Digest Nov 2010 Issue 154 " " " " " " " " " Part 2
  • The Rider's Digest. Jan/Feb 2010 Issue 156 Pyrenees Tour "Taken for a Ride"
  • The Rider's Digest April 2011 Issue 158 Wear Earplugs to Avoid deafness and TINNITUS
  • The Rider's Digest June 2011 Issue 160 My Enfield in the "Our Bikes" section.
  • The Rider's Digest July 2011 Issue 161 Tilting trikes then and now "Attack of the Tripods"
  • The Rider's Digest (online) Issue 187 "Souvenirs from India".
  • The Old Bike Mart. December 2009 Issue 294
  • The Old Bike Mart. Article about the Ariel 3 Museum in Bristol.October 2010
  • An amusing Malaysian anecdote was published in the Baptist Times Issue 8296

ACE The Official Newsletter of the ACE CAFE CLUB. Issue 48 Winter 09/10.

And one of the better ones written about the Enfield and me!

And most

I haven’t stopped being a nurse and have had a few articles published in nursing/health magazines over the years!…

  • A nursing care study for The Nursing Mirror July 1973
  • The joys of being a health visitor in the Potteries for the West Midlands Journal of Primary Care Summer 1999
  • The Nursing Standard. Being a flu jab nurse. Jan/Feb 2009 Vol. 23/Issue 21
  • The Nursing Standard. Hospice nursing in New Zealand. May 2009 Vol.23/Issue 35
  • The Nursing Standard. Importance of Health Visiting. June/July 2010 Vol.24/Issue 43

ADVENTURE MOTORCYCLING HANDBOOK A route and planning guide. Chris Scott    TRAILBLAZER 2012   

My contribution describes yet another skipper with ill-intent. This one wanted to use my Enfield as an anchor!


OVERLAND MAGAZINE...the best magazine for motorcycle travel stories written by people who have experienced what it is like to ride a motorbike in a different place for a while or for a long time, have found it an enhancing experience and want to share it. There's fun and drama but the tales also dispel negative myths about people and places which are based on fear and prejudice. 

Overland Magazine. Issue 2.
"TRAVEL IS FATAL". I tell the story of what it was like to teach English and live with a Pakistani family after breaking my leg and doing some damage to my Enfield whilst crossing the mountains near the Karakoram Highway. Not quite how you might imagine!

Overland Magazine. Issue 3.
"INDONESIAN RESCUE".  The nightmare voyage when I had to sleep with a knife under my pillow for fear of being murdered by the skipper when the Enfield and I hitched a lift from Malaysia to Indonesia on a catamaran. It had seemed like a good idea at the time!

Overland Magazine. Issue 6.
"KIDNAP AND COCAINE". Travelling on my Enfield from south to north in Colombia. After promising I wouldn't go off the safe Pan-American Highway, I did and was injured by self-harm, insects and animals rather than drugs barons. I discovered there's much more to Colombia than Shakira, coffee and cocaine.